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Decking and fences are external elements of our carpentry trade, and ones that we take great pride in our talents at creating special areas. The level of quality and detail is never lost in our external carpentry work and our eye for precision is always held. Our skilled team are leading decking contractors Swansea  specialising in all things timber related and enjoy showcasing our talents in both internal and external carpentry projects.

Outdoor Patios

Timer can give a warm and welcoming feel to your outdoor patios and entice you to spend more time in the comfortable environment it provides. Whether it be a small area just for one or two people to sit and enjoy their morning coffee, or an outdoor entertaining area that can fit 100 people the quality of the installation is important. Elite Carpenters Swansea take great pride in installing quality decking areas and hope that they are admired by our clients for long after the installation is complete.

Pool Decking

The right timber decking can have a huge impact on the feel of your pool. It can turn the area from something standard into something exotic with the right stain and some vibrant greenery. Other than the visually appealing aspects, there are some important safety elements that we also need to look at. One is being the surface and ensuring that it is not going to be slippery for your friends and family walking on it with wet feet. Another is ensuring adequate drainage is catered for so that the water does not just pool on top of your decking area creating a hazard. Elite Carpenters Swansea are experienced in this field and are happy to provide advice and guidance on how to meet safety requirements so that you can enjoy your pool decking without the stress.


A fence doesn’t need to be just a boring necessity, if you want it can be a beautiful feature of your home or business space. There are a range of designs that can turn your fence from something drab into something fab with just a few modifications. For example, horizontal fencing has become a popular alternative to the standard vertical fencing for more of an appealing look for separation between properties. Mix in a different stain and some quality sealant and your fence will look brilliant for a long time.


The type of timber you chose for the outside of your home can vary from that that you will choose for the inside of your home. Outdoor timber is exposed to elements that the internal timber is generally sheltered from, for example direct sunlight. Sunlight can and will fade the colour of your timber, which is why it is important to consider external elements when selecting the right timber for your space. We are most happy to share our inside knowledge and provide guidance to you on the best choice of timber that is durable, and also fits in with your requirements.

So if you have questions regarding any of the above and you need to advice or help from a leading decking contractors Swansea service then don’t hesitate to give us a call today.