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Kitchen Fitters Swansea

A kitchen is the heart of the home, they can say a lot about a person just by looking at them. Our kitchen fitters Swansea team specialise in custom made designs to suit your individual style and taste. Kitchens have come a long way in recent years with ample technology readily available for you to utilise to make your home modern and luxurious. Here we talk about the ways you can customise your home and incorporate the latest technology if that is your desire.


The design of a kitchen can vary drastically and can be modified to suit your requirements or aesthetic appeal. The most basic option is often address first, being what kind of close would you like your kitchen cupboards to have. They can either swing open and closed vertically or horizontally, they can be pushed and pulled open. The actual cupboards themselves can be customised to either have a smooth sleek look, or some volume and texture in the form of boarders, patterns, colours and etchings. We have a range of images we can provide you with to give inspiration to the design of your kitchen.


Your kitchen cabinetry can have additional elements added for example soft closing capability’s or magnetic like attachments to make sure the door and its shell are attracted to one another to remain closed. They can either be hidden cupboards and draws to give a sleek modern look, alcoves to assist in opening and closing or handles attached to the exterior. These are some of the options we will discuss with you if you would like professional involvement in the design of your kitchen cabinetry finishes.


The process of installing a kitchen is much the same whether it be a brand-new build, or replacement of an existing kitchen. There will be a lot of measuring, cutting, drilling and hammering, so it is not going to be a quiet peaceful environment to be around if you are not used to construction noises. The area will need to be sectioned off so that our team can work uninterrupted to give you the most precise installation job, as well as taking a much quicker time frame. Although the actual installation work itself is disrupting, we are sure that you will be pleased with the result and be able to envisage yourself in your new kitchen for years to come.


We have so much faith and trust in our kitchen fitters Swansea team that we will provide the highest quality kitchen fitting every single time, that we offer a guarantee with all our work. This guarantee obviously doesn’t cover external elements, for example your toddler swinging off a cabinet and pulling it off its hinges, but it does cover the workmanship that has gone into the installation. We are sure you won’t, but if on the off chance you find something is misaligned shortly after the installation, we will come back and fix it for you hassle free.