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We get very excited about timber flooring here at Elite Swansea Carpenters as it is often one of our most admired installations. The feeling that good quality flooring installation can have on a room is moving, paired with good décor and you have yourself an are you will never want to leave. Although we aren’t specialised in décor, as one of the leading flooring contractors Swansea we can certainly help you with the installation of high-quality flooring.


Timber/Wood flooring not only looks beautiful as a choice of flooring but is also extremely practical and versatile. It can give your space a natural grounded look or a high-end finish, as well as being high quality and practical. Timber flooring can be laid in a number of ways to suit different looks, creating patters such as herringbone flooring or a more rustic and rougher look to the laying of the floorboards. Timber flooring is our favourite kind of flooring and we have ample knowledge to share with you to assist in the design of your area.


A range of woods are available on the market that you will have to consider. There are both soft and hard wood as well as a range of different colours to choose from. These are able to then be customised with your choice of stains for colour preference. We also recommend that a relevant sealing coat is applied to protect your timber from warping and expansion due to water and moisture, for example if you happened to have a dishwasher leak, we would want your timber to have some kind of protection from the potential damages.


The installation process can very dependent on your choice of design, for example the process to install herringbone timber flooring is very different to a straight-line timber flooring. Regardless of your chosen design, measurements and installation must be precision perfect to ensure your flooring looks spectacular. To do this we will need to have the area sectioned off so that no one is able to walk over the flooring and move any timber that has already been placed into position. The process will involve a lot of banging and general construction noise as our flooring contractor Swansea team complete your new  flooring installation but will be well worth it in the end.


When your timber flooring has been installed, our team of professionals will be sure to advise you on the best care instructions to keep it looking its best. Some timbers may require a coat of stain or sealant every few years. The stain is to make sure that the colour of the timber stays vibrant and lifelike, and the sealant is to make sure that your timber does not absorb all liquids that are either dropped on it or are due to an accident. As the experts in timber, we understand that each have different qualities and needs, which is knowledge we are more than happy to share with our clients to maintain their timber flooring after the installation.