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“Elite Carpentry Swansea” is an online brand owned and operated by Yap Digital Marketing. “Elite Carpentry Swansea” is a marketing and lead generation website for “Abc ltd”.

Abc Ltd are in partnership with Yap Digital marketing for the purposes of marketing and delivering carpentry services.

Yap Digital is a website developer. Abc ltd are a carpentry and construction service. Yap Digital are contracted to provide online marketing and website services to Abc ltd.

Should you go ahead and order the requested works you will be a customer of Abc ltd. They are licensed carpentry contractors who will provide the services you request. They will be responsible for all works and any warranties subject to their terms and conditions. Yap Digital do not have any responsibility with the fulfilment of carpentry services only the management of the Elite Carpentry Swansea website and phone system.

Yap Digital has a Data Policy agreement with Abc ltd. This policy is for the purposes of their partnership but Yap Digital has no responsibilities for the data control policies of Abc ltd outside of this agreement.


We adhere strictly to the requirements of the General Data Protection regulations 2018 and, in accordance with this act, we are registered on the public register of data controllers which is looked after by the Information Commissioners Office.

This privacy notice tells you exactly what personal information we will be required to collect when you request our services. It will tell you how this information is processed and inform you about your rights as a data subject.

Please read this notice carefully so that you understand how we use your personal information

If you make contact with us via a telephone call or contact form entry and request services from us, you will be required to provide some personal information. This information usually consists of your name, phone number and address. Therefore both of our organisations have a responsibility to look after your personal information carefully.

The data you provide will be stored by Elite Carpentry Swansea and ABC Ltd

As organisations we are all registered as Data Controllers on the ICO register

The lawful basis for us to record this information is a “Legitimate Interest”.

We have performed an assessment on how your information is used and determined that our type of business and serving our customers requires us to use your name, address and phone number in a way that benefits you to receive our services.

If you are requesting us to perform a quotation for Carpentry Services, we have determined that you would reasonably expect us to need your name, phone number, address and email details so that a visit can be made and the information you requested be sent to you.

How We Process Your Data

The data will be stored digitally with a secure password protected spreadsheet from a cloud based GDPR compliant organisation. It will remain on the spreadsheet for no longer than 90 days before it will be permanently deleted. No other party will have access to this information and it will not be used for any other purpose than to communicate with you and deliver the service you requested.

The exception for this will be when Abc ltd carry out work instructed by you and you become an invoiced customer with a paid transaction. Then your records and information will be kept in an invoice format as a legal obligation for taxation requirements. For more information on this please contact them directly

Telephone Inquiry

If you call in by telephone and provide your details verbally the calls are recorded and stored within a secure encrypted server that has also met the GDPR compliance testing procedures. These calls are automatically deleted after a period of 3 months.

Purposes of recording

The calls are recorded for the purposes of establishing whether your call is a genuine inquiry for building services or a marketing call from a service provider. This information is used to monitor the volume of business calls that the Elite Carpentry Swansea is providing to ABC Ltd

The recordings are also used for training and making sure that high levels of customer services are maintained.

Webform Inquiry

If you complete one of our contact or webforms then the details entered will automatically be emailed to Yap Digital Marketing and Abc ltd. All parties use a secure password protected email accounts and will delete the message within 90 days of having received it.

Your Right To Access, Change and Withdraw

It is your right that on request you can ask exactly what information we hold of you and if you wish you can request that it be deleted. You can also request that it be restricted and also rectified if you believe it is incorrect.

If you make this request both Yap Digital Marketing and Abc ltd will action this within one month of receiving the request.

You can do this by calling 0117 290 0395 or by requesting on the contact forms within this website.

Analytics and Cookies

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

This website has an installed code which enables us to monitor the number of visitors, page views and duration of each site visit. This code can also be used to track the location of IP addresses.

Google Analytics is a web service provided by Google Inc. to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the cookies generated to help the performance of its own advertising network. The Personal Data that they collect are Cookies and Usage Data.

For more detail Place of processing: US – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

External Links

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